Animal Referral Center
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Our services


Specialised interior design for medical facilities provides functional efficiency in an environment of care and support, bringing together the perfect blend of technology and compassion.  Whether it’s a Medical Centre or a Veterinary Surgery, Designzone ensure that the space reflects the values of the organisation.  Staff, patients and their families feel more supported and relaxed when the facility is confidently and thoughtfully designed.

What we do

  • Visit your site to review and measure the space
  • Consult with you to cover specialised technological needs
  • Create a personalised concept and scheme proposal
  • Prepare concepts and scheme proposal
  • Create your design concepts
  • Prepare visuals including samples, drawings (cad), sample boards, 3d visualisations / renders
  • Procure furniture
  • Create construction drawings
  • Prepare building consent to code of compliance
  • Manage project