Designzone's top 5 ways - Improve Company Culture with Office Design

Employees spend an average of 40 hours a week in the office. In a lot of cases this number can be much higher, so the importance of employees being comfortable in their work environment has a monumental effect on company culture.

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How to design a modern and pet friendly Vet clinic

At Designzone we have had the pleasure in doing the interior design for multiple veterinary clinics. We are all big animal lovers, so we have taken a lot of time and research to figure out what great design can do to make this space friendly and calming for our little furry pals, as well as creating a functional environment for the veterinary team. So if you are considering designing a veterinary clinic or planning to improve the practice’s current work-space then we have a few interior design tips to help you create a state of the art veterinary surgery.

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Plants & their benefits in the workplace.

A lot of people love plants, and we can see why. They bring great colour to spaces, they’re something to be responsible for and care for and they look fabulous! As designers we will often get the thumbs up to incorporate plants into a space we’re designing, but very often the next sentence will be, “But can they be fake so that they’re easy to maintain?”. Yes, plants are beautiful, and as designers we can incorporate them into our designs for their aesthetics, but did you know they do so much more than just that?

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Designzone’s top 5 ways - Creating a healthier work space now and after COVID19

Office interior design founded on safety and empathy that can help create a healthier work environment for building employees post COVID19.

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A guide for returning to the post COVID-19 workplace

Health and safety were the top priorities for sending employees home to work during the COVID-19 pandemic and health and safety will be the top priority for employees’ eventual return to the office.

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New Lighting Solutions For Human Comfort

As furniture concepts are constantly evolving to respond to the transformation of the office as we know it, designers are becoming increasingly aware of other elements that define interior spaces, such as lighting.

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Soundproofing For Productivity

Soundproofing and office productivity are closely linked. Loud or continuous noises are not only distracting, but also detrimental to employee health. Employers are losing money in lost time to these distractions and employee turnover because many offices were not designed with modern noise levels in mind. Small, strategic soundproofing integrated into office design can greatly affect employee happiness, health, and the business’ bottom line.

The Office Of Tomorrow: Renovate Or Relocate?

Despite business growth, companies are becoming more reluctant to move or take on additional office space, until they are sure that their current office no longer supports their growth or function. If you are contemplating signing a commercial office lease and are anticipating uncertainty in the real estate market, the question you might be asking is: “Should we stay, or should we go?”

Why Co-Working Spaces Don’t Work For Everyone

Though seen as an exciting new trend in commercial real estate, these workplaces are missing the personal touch of corporate identity. What they offer instead is a generic workplace that sells the co-working space brand instead of your company’s culture and the opportunity to reinforce brand and mission with employees and clients.